Sunday, 1 December 2013

Introducing our Mascot of the Rrustic Casting Lifestylingz Art Collective

^This is Eterny^ 
With the wings of compassion.
The body of the Ankh= everlasting life.
The eye of RRR & 3x3 Nature's law. 
The mouth to share knowledge and wisdom.
and on the brow the INFINITY symbol to suggest that going within and opening 
the 3rd Eye infinitely we can grasp our evolution,
rise above with mindful resolutions,
and help our world grow a better tomorrow with our RRR solutions.

Below is our mission statement;

 Now, below this is OUR ETERNY EYE beside THE EYE OF HORUS;

ARTISAN AND DESIGNER AySes Dunya created Eterny with a few KEY elements of importance to the ART OF LIVING MOVEMENT she has been carving out for which this Mascot was initially created.
The Eterny eye is essentially a mirror of the Eye of Horus in its inspiration, BUT it also adds 3 waves turning inward instead of one on the Eye of Horus turning outwards, this signifies REWORKING, RENEWING, RENEWING the path WITHIN.
as well as the Dharmatic belief of Nature's LAW= 3x3 will come back to you.

Eterny is a mascot of the umbrella of
all that AySes has created...a prolific totem if you will...
*to learn more about this Wellness Worker please visit her Umbrella Mainframe*
and/or visit her Testimonial Tree to see what others think of her works~! 
Blessed be to you and yours,
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